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[Scena XBox360] Rilasciati Jungle Flasher 0.1.94 Beta e iXTREM LTUltimate

Nella giornata trascorsa sono stati rilasci il nuovo Firmware LTU 1.2 accompagnato al Jungle Flasher 0.1.94 Beta. Il tutto sarà compatibile con i lettori 9504 , 0225 , 1071 e 401
e con i nuovissimi 1175/1532 e 0500 Hitachi.
Di seguito tutti i dettagli del rilascio.


Release completa (in inglese)


Support for new Key verification process
  • Vendor command support for DG-16D5S Drives
  • -xecuter X360USB Pro ***f/w update required***
  • -xecuter X360USB Pro 2 ***f/w update required***
  • Extra functions to utilise RGH extracts with LTU using T-X DG-16D5S replacement PCB
Support for LT Plus 3.0
  • -Hitachi 78, 79
Support for LTU 1.2, using T-X replacement PCB
  • -liteon DG-16D5S 1175, 1352
  • -liteon DG-16D4S 0225, 0401, 1071 – lost f/w replacement, replaced with a T-X DG-16D5S replacement
  • -hitachi DL10N 0500, 0502 – replaced with a DG-16D5S
  • Bug fix to SlimKey for bytes at 3f005, 3f006
  • IO port enumeration for Win 8 using old school PCI bus scan
  • -Using new portIO driver from schtrom with 32bit memory access
Changelog iXtrem LTUltimate :
  • – Support for Liteon 0225, 0401, 1071, 1175, 1532, Hitachi 0500/0502
  • – No need for firmware dump of source drive. Requires dvdkey and J-Runner data
  • – Supports enhanced topology data if present for more accurate topology responses (Future ABGX support)
  • – Requires new JF to support LTU board flashing process. Use 0800 dual layer disc in drive to enable reflashing/vendor mode once LTU is written to board

This firware is uniquely written for the TX LTU board. It has all the features of LT 3.0 with the addition of the LTU features.

The 1332 chip has been the most secure chip used in the 360 to date. Cudos to MTK/Liteon for their attempt.

The movement of the dvdkey, AES routines and realtime firmware checks into the drive CPU was a nice touch.

I would like to dedicate this release to fellow countryman and Commodore hacker Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Keep the bastards honest.



Stay Tuned!


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