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[Scena PS3] Oct0xor e il progetto OpenCobraUSB!


Oramai sembrava che il progetto dell’hacking, da parte di Oct0xor, del CobraUSB fosse stato dimenticato. Son passate, infatti, diverse settimane e nessuno ne aveva più sentito parlare, fino ad oggi.

L’hacker ha infatti reso noto, tramite twitter, di essere a lavoro sul progetto OpenCobraUSB già da diverso tempo, ma di averne svelato solamente oggi alcuni particolari perchè è riuscito finalmente a raggiungere un traguardo: l’avvio di giochi PSP grazie ad un payload launcher tramite una USB normale.


Di seguito le dichiarazione del coder con tanto di video-prova.

First I am going to say that this is not going to be an article, just a first blog post and some info about my recent project.

Finally I got my hands on cobra  it was quite a lot of time since I touched this last time. There was s good things happened since then eg. I reverse engineered usercheat and true blue, had done alot ps3 and not ps3 related hacking. There was a bad things eg. BlueDiskCFW, lv0 leak, alot of devs leave the scene… 

Cobra was for me really “the last” thing I have to do.

The last time when I worked on this I didnt had a dongle, and all what I had was a dump by JaiCraB. I reverse engineered it as much as possible, figure out almost all tricks, encrypton and etc. And figuare out that it reads alot of data from dongle, and I cant do much without dongle itself. Thats why I put this project to the back burner.

Well… I had never buyed anyone dongle, and I never was not going to. All my dongles was donated ( thanks again  ) but not that time. 

it was hard for me to make this decision but a few days ago cobra finally shipped to me…

3 days and now its all over. 

Security is good enough, but not without big security risks. But it still the best crypto/obfuscation what I had seen on ps3. Sony have something to learn from this guys, especially now.

Cobra / True Blue almost identical, have the same source code, if you ever hacked 1 thing, 2nd wouldnt be a problem. The main functionality, honestly, not changed since original jb. Thats a shame. Thats why I cracking them like nuts 

Questo il video-prova del lancio di giochi PSP tramite il Payload:


Il progetto OpenCobraUSB è vivo più che mai. A noi non resta che attendere ulteriori dettagli a riguardo, con la speranza che il rilascio non tardi molto ad arrivare.

Stay Tuned!

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