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Universal Media Server v2.0.0


Universal Media Server si aggiorna alla versione 2.0.0. Il fantastico server multimediale, che può mettere in comunicazione il nostro PC/MAC con molti dispositivi, riceve un vero e proprio restyling interno. Il rpogramma è compatibile con Windows, MAC OSX e Linux

Di seguito tutta la changelog (in inglese)

Changelog Universal Media Server 2.0.0

  • General:
    • Design facelift
    • Added support for more file archive formats (7-Zip, gzip and tar)
    • Improved DVD and ISO support
    • Fixed ASS/SSA subtitle position when using overscan compensation
    • Fixed a rare bug where videos played at half-speed
    • Updated JRE auto-download to 7u9 (latest)
    • Admin permissions notifications work on Windows 8 (before they onlyworked on 7 and Vista)
    • Fixed the FFmpeg Audio engine
    • Updated English settings/descriptions
    • Made some log messages more descriptive
    • MEncoder’s “A/V sync alternative method” option is applied correctly again
    • Fixed error while loading iPhoto library
    • Updated many program dependencies to benefit from many bugfixes
    • Fixed bug where disabled engines would be picked
    • Updated links on the Help page
    • Made renderer config layouts more synchronised
    • Added a button to uninstall the Windows service
    • Removed fontconfig from MEncoder for Mac OSX for improved subs compatibility
    • Made names in the transcode folder shorter by removing redundant information
    • The user preference to hide file extensions is applied to the transcode foldersubfolder names
  • External components:
    • Updated MPlayer/MEncoder to SB42, which:
      • Runs faster
      • Improves audio/video sync
      • Faster handling of ASS/SSA subtitles
      • Improves DVD support
    • Updated FFmpeg to SB3, which:
      • Fixes memory leaks
      • Fixes other bugs
    • Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.61, which:
      • Fixes MKV framerate detection bug
      • Fixes E-AC-3 duration detection bug
      • More reliable DTS bitrate detection
    • Updated Java Service Wrapper to 3.5.15, which:
      • Improves Windows permissions handling
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for Sony Bravia HX800 TVs (thanks, lelin!)
    • Enabled streaming more file formats to Android devices
    • Improved DivX support on Panasonic devices (thanks, ExSport!)
  • Plugin Management:
    • Created new “Plugin Management” tab
    • Added button to edit the plugin credential file
    • Improved plugin installation process
    • Added button to reload available plugin list
    • Updated author column of plugin installer to include maintainers
    • Added “version” column to plugin installer
  • Languages:
    • Turkish flag added for the transcode folder
    • Updated settings labels for all languages
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